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IUPAC……..2,&#8203;3-&#8203;dihydro-&#8203;5-&#8203;iodo-&#8203;1H-&#8203;inden-&#8203;2-&#8203;amine,&#8203; monohydrochloride<br>
Formula…..C9H10IN • HCl<br>
Molecular weight…..295.6 g/mol<br>

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Buy 5-MAPB Online

Buy 5-MAPB Online 5-(2-methylaminopropyl)benzofuran (abbreviated 5-MAPB) is a synthetic entactogen of the substitute benzofuran.  Class of chemicals that are know to have euphoric, entactogenic stimulating and mildly hallucinogenic effects. MAPB is an entactogenic designer drug similar to MDMA on its structure and effects. This compound is know for its stimulating, euphoric and entactogenic effects that are capable of acting a quasi-substitute for MDMA proper, which has resulted in its rise in popularity as a research chemical that is easily accessible through the use of online vendors. It has been sell as a designer drug.

What is 5-MAPB use for?

Due to 5-MAPB being an agonist to the 2C receptor it would be appropriate to begin research by using this 2C receptor infused on a synthetic membrane. As 5-MAPB is so new it would be useful to publish the selectivity it has for this receptor by performing a receptor mapping study using a radio-labeled version of 5-MAPB. Further studies could include competitive ligand binding assays with other 2C ligands. 5-MAPB may only be use for in vitro (outside living organism) research unless a specific home office license is hold. Buy 5-MAPB Online

5-MAPB may be use for primary reagent testing, as well as a reference sample for analytical libraries, such as GC/MS, HPLC, NMR, and FTIR analysis. Toxicologists and forensic scientists may utilize these chemical analyses.

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